high vs low

by Giovanni Almonte

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debut album from giovanni almonte. featuring some of nyc latest and very greatest. from jazz to rock to salsa. from cuba to africa, seattle and new york city. this is the sound of convergence.


released June 22, 2010

music by giovanni almonte, arranged by julie acosta, words by giovanni almonte and amaury fermin.


all rights reserved



Giovanni Almonte New York


giovanni - 1. a man. an artist, who loves, who hates. a poet, a preacher, brave and afraid, sometimes high sometimes low. 2. a brother, a cousin, a white-boy dominican that is neither white nor dominican. his own. ... more

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Track Name: cold suns
so is it true what maytrs say
that in death we lose our faith
i've grown bored of all these lives
yet the hope of you survives
so it's now or never here
the cry that souls confide in time
this just may be my last try
before the beat of you subsides

i've sold silk tears and better stone
i've made milk from children's tears
imprisoned one thousand years
but i'd be telling lies if i said that i
didn't need you

you made me kill moons to make them new
tell lies to make them true
a mirror made of countless rooms
couldn't say what i'd give up by your side
if you just knew

so now it's twice the angels say
that my earth has gone astray
should i just kiss my worlds goodbye
or give a sign that i might try this time

i think i'll make my worlds collide
i'll bring the oceans to the tide somehow
and if tomorrow i feel sane
i'll make the day we met again

cold suns and still seas
they couldn't amuse me
not the way you used me
but i'd be telling lies if i said that i
didn't need you

you made me kill moons to make them new
tell lies to make them true
a mirror made of countless rooms
couldn't say what i'd give up by your side
if you just knew

i'm losing me
i'm losing you
i don't believe i'm going to make it through this

wronged, i...i was wronged while you got the best of me

wronged, i...i was wrong while...

yeah, you get mad but you know its true
you're a maneater and you know i'm right
yeah you got your rise but you're gonna fall one day
and then may god be kind to you
Track Name: king & queens
the gift of the morning is lost with you gone
the earth loses rhythm when you've lost your song
we're given a purpose, it's rare but we've learned this
not kings or queens or these government machines
can do more for our dreams then what you do
by being here and brave

the grace and the warmth of your presence is felt
by the soul and the hole left when we lose ourselves
you're blessed you know this
you're driven into service
the lost and afraid and those not quite as brave
as the ones that you save when you show them what faith is

you are beautiful
still a child inside
like a sky, open wide big enough to make
to make this world your own
a universe your home
and i do, i know this

fears become our friends
our voice made worn and thin
though we're never alone space feels like emptiness
but you made yourself
true to what you felt
and i do i love you
Track Name: la ilusión
los días se esfuman en la rutina
la ilusión de la vida siento que se va
detesto la magia de las mentiras
palabras ficticias y desigualdad

no se quien soy
si vengo o voy
a encontrar verdad
en un mundo infiel
colmado de remedios que procuran reponer
la idea de ser feliz

la radio repite la misma rima
los espías no encuentran señal
la gente detesta la poesía
ya nada los hace llorar

la luz del sol
no alumbra mas
esta oscuridad
que nos hacen cruel
insípido recuerdo que te roba la niñez

love i know that i've wronged you today
i can tell it's been hard to believe that i've faith in you still but i do
oh, i've come far but i know i stray
it gets hard to remember these poisons are things that i choose but i do
Track Name: wrong
tonight i gave you so much more than i should've
it wasn't wise to be so careless love, though i would've
gone further
fell deeper

but i don't want this
you've never been so kind
you never said you'd stay
but i did it cus i thought you would
i guess i was wrong

guess i was wrong about a lot of things
thought you could save me though you never held your own
is it too much to ask you one last time
for you to do this

don't go
don't go, please stay
please lie by my side
i'm broken up and time hasn't healed my wounds or made me right
i'm broken but in love with you
hoping that you want me too
then things will be alright
then things will be ok
Track Name: mil voces
senti en tu mirar
tienes tanto dolor, historietas
que contar porque no...
el tiempo hablara, contara aquellos suenos,
suenos de un universo alcanzar
todo anda mal, cuando el sol de ilusion
fallo, tu humidle intencion se esfumo

galaxias sin paz se ven, un alma a la deriva
perdida en un abismo sin fe
no defes perder tu bien, mil voces te derriban
les intriga lo que tu puedes ser

pas sin igual
date una oportunidad de sentir
lo que es vivir sin morir
comprenderas que el altar celestial
no busca verte sufrir al dormir
no intentes dejar, lo que has de alcanzar
tu paz, busca el lugar sin desmallar

galaxias sin paz se ven, un alma a la deriva
perdida en un abismo sin fe
no defes perder tu bien, mil voces te derriban
les intriga lo que tu puedes ser

mira a tu lado las cara volando
que dejastes con llanto por no intentar
cierra tus ojos y escucha en lo alto
que el cielo es tuyo para dibujar

respira un poco mas, tienes tantas opciones, un million de colores con que triunfar
Track Name: siénteme
i do i believe, i've seen this scene before
was it in a dream or was it in a life before
the life we knew before this
do you mind if i
take a time to remember you

i couldn't conceive a better place to place you in
a better mood to face you in then the current mood
the music moves my soul
to be open wide
to your vibe tonight

it's not a time to go pretending
i'll be real with you if you let me

with your brown skin
and your brown eyes
you got me reeling from feelings i can't hide
quiero verte, moverte
de una manera que todo los sienten
i know you, yeah i've owned you
before you give in your feelings to reason
let me show you, what i told i....
would do to you

yo se que tu me siente'

sienteme como te siento yo, sienteme


you got me now i got you and now what?
you better make it worth this song i wrote
for you and your soul make it known that i am
out of my mind, lost inside your whole way of being
let me see inside your mind
and your shirt
take off that skirt
don't make me work too hard cuz i'm tired....
Track Name: vientos de abril
Jugando a no perder

Y aun no se ni porque
Sin llenarme de placer
Me perdi en tu desden

Ya no quiero vivir este invierno gris

Mi ardor nunca logro tu comprension

No hace falta amanecer
Cuando dices tal vez
Pensara una vez mas
En saciar esta sed, aridez

Mi mar se seca sin ti
Lazada vil
Y aunque ya no lluevas mas
No faltaras

Quisiera no caer, y amprender de una vez
Desgararme la ansiedad que te busca sin ver
Clima cruel
Ya no fingas sufrir, este invierno gris
Pues ya empezado a sentir, los vientos de Abril
Track Name: soy
soy giovanni
el poeta sin pais
el dedicado
el vago
giovanni es un creativo
un dios con demasiado sentido
el es, yo soy
un todo vacio
y lleno de complejos
a todos les hecho de menos, pero mas a mi
y tan asi como soy, tambien soy bueno
hecho a la mano del uno
un diseno perfecto
enamorado de sus defectos
tambien soy la gozadera del baile
soy el sonido distinto que te atrae
soy el dueno de nada
el hijo de madre dura
que a veces me bana con su dulzura
soy las lagrimas caidas
por un amor perdido
soy quien soy
tambien como tu eres
de nuestra manera la vida sucede
Track Name: darkest water
do i make you afraid?
do you hate my way?
do you think that i am flawed because i talk this way?
i won't think the same.
i won't wear my shame
i am strong because my wrongs show me my better way

i am the darkest water
i'm harder, i'm farther
fear and love don't break me
they make me, now take me

i am free
i couldn't see me
but now i'm free

i am my only sun
i am my love, my song
the god that gave me used the storm and calm to make my one
i'm not the only one
we're children of the sun
wake up and find yourself and live your life for no one else

you are your darkest water
you're mother and father
no fear or love will break you
it makes you
don't fake you

i am free
i couldn't see me
but now i'm free
Track Name: urgente (intro)
cielo azul
de norte al sul
machado de un recuerdo
de tu hechizo
tu silencio
inquietud the juventud
ahogado en los deseos
de tenerte a fuego lento
en la oscuridad sin restricciones
no siento tu palpitad
no siento porque te vaz
Track Name: urgente
vuelve a mentir
hasme sentir
pense qu jamas iba morir
nuestro destino, suspiro, tierno invicto que ya hechastes al olvido

besos de miel
lleno de hiel
ya se que tienes otro querer
distincto a el mio
el mismo espejismo de destinos confundidos

no es urgente
ya tenerte
olivdarte es lo mas fuerte

no va vivir
no va existir
el tiempo que nos hacia reir
y un adivino me dijo que hay motivos, que buscara otros caminos

dame a beber tu dulce piel
los versos se embriagan con tu ser
vuelve a tu sitio
complejo laberinto donde moran tus latidos

no es urgente
ya tenerte
olivdarte es lo mas fuerte

no es urgente
yo tenerte
olvidarte es los mas fuerte

es mas fuerto
yo tenerte
olvidarte no es urgente

alejate ya
vete pa' ya

no es urgente vida mia
tu falso querer

what do you want me to say?
that i want you to stay?
that i like it this way?
i'm grown and so i should've known from the beginning
that though my body yearns for you
my soul will burn from you
but the lesson was learned from you
and so now
it's time to move on from you

no es urgente
ya tenerte
olivdarte es lo mas fuerte
Track Name: i want it
you've got the kind of skin i'd sin for
the kind of sex i'd give for should we make like friends
and make ammends
for all the quiet lies we'll pretend
to believe one another on the floor
piece by piece now
sweat like grease now

i'll get it right this time
i give now i want my own
i'll use these hands to make you writhe
oh my, oh...
my what have we here
give me one good reason
make me stay
make me right
but you're wrong
you've got no good reason
nothing's saved
in these lies

i'm confused by this
i'm obsessed with this moment of bliss
of peace
achieved within the moments inside you
but just when it seems that i've arrived
the joy has died and i'm back
lacking the eternal one
the eternal oneness
it seems that we miss the point of this, our return
in the act reduced to skin and bone
when it's our soul alone that matters
do i love you?
do i need you?

there is no peace in this thing i've driven
so deep it hurts in the name of this search
but i want this
how i want this...
and our chest have met for the hundreth time
not a part of you dry by the time i'm through
and you'll keep it like a prize...
Track Name: i choose
deep and afraid
i thought i was brave sometimes
sometimes i'm right, but mostly i guess
it's true as true is when its true to me
and this is a truth i know is wrong

i am naive
i am a child inside
i am a dream
i am a tired old man
we've got these lives
we live them as a lie
but i don't believe you
i choose what i see

broken by you broke your fall today
today when you fell you made your peace in hell
i'd rather be me
i'd rather break on hard
i don't understand but i've got faith

because i lie
because i die each time
i reach my prime
i fail when i get it right
we've got these lives
we live them as a lie
but i don't believe me
i choose what i see

but i take
i give and i wound the denial
that made me the reason i lose
i choose
i choose

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