city folk

by giovanni almonte

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released June 1, 2016




Giovanni Almonte New York


giovanni - 1. a man. an artist, who loves, who hates. a poet, a preacher, brave and afraid, sometimes high sometimes low. 2. a brother, a cousin, a white-boy dominican that is neither white nor dominican. his own. ... more

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Track Name: souldier
i was born in this world a believer, a souldier
i fight for my faith but with time i grow colder
i do what i want
god knows that i pay my dues
so you can fuck all your rules i will do what my soul wants

they do it, they mean to hurt me
they do what they do to destroy me
oh and now i know
i made my peace with god
it took what it took but i got here
oh and now i know

for you for me
for the people we love i pray to my god for the best he can think of
these days make it too dark to see
the better of one over the other
and from one to another we seek each other
but we become blind because some want us to
the kings of this world make up rules so that we hang on to dust believing its gold
till we become bitter and crippled and cold
a stranger to love and soul

but we better make it better soon
we better make up for what was done
because i didn't
you didn't
we didn't choose this life for what we got
so let's put it together now
the best of what's left
let's put it all together to make something like the 'best of' album
to include the essence of hope
to help us cope and believe
and eventually to lead those willing
into a life more filling of the things that matter
like dance and song
and poetry and love
let's put it together now
all the best of the best of

what gave them the right to decide what we wanted
you sold me your lies and believing i bought it
but no money can give
the life that i want to live
and you brainwash the youth to keep true what controls you

they do it they mean to herd us
they do what they do to destroy us
oh and now i know

i made my peace with god
it took what it took but i got here
oh and now i know

that all my searching
has led me here
to this river mirror
that reflects my fear
god is here in me
and so i sing my dream
i am everything
i am king

to learn
to grow
to service
to realize that freedom deserves us
oh and now i know
i made my peace with god
it took what it took but i got here
oh and now i know
Track Name: new york shitty
oh, it's like i told you
it's like i knew it would be
i'm tired
this life's a liar
your bright lights have left me uninspired

oh, so here we go now
keep talking your bold but sold out soul
and i, i can't deny this
i paid for my way into your fucked up show

but why do i stay?
why do i live this way?
why do i fight to stay in your light?
why do i play?
when i know i can't win your game
why do i try and try i don't know why i
why do i fail
to rise from my hell
tell me i do what i do for the love of the thing that i…
i thought i could find here

the "big apple" is what it means
cus pigs live where they feed
there's a statue here
they call it liberty
but it's not what it seems
it's "me for me"
so fuck you all

my soul says it's time to go now
the thing that i came here for
is gone for sure
i spent half my lifetime
learning how to live my child
and not my ego

and sometimes we play
yeah, sometimes she gives me way
and sometimes the lights can feel like i've arrived
i know that i'll stay
so long as i can feel this way
so long as she give me the feeling that i
i'm worth what it takes
the pain and mistake
i know that i do what i do
for the love of the thing that i
know i can find here
Track Name: the gift of gratitude
oh lord, outside it feels so cold
but from here it's beautiful
the snow falls
and the leaves are all gone
inside we're warm and comfortable

i rise to the sound of all my family being loud and proud

they wake me, remind that this life is wonderful

i too seldom say it but oh they make it great to be alive

these holy days were made for feeling grateful and i thank my maker

i realize there's more to life then what i've constantly been baited with
persuaded to arrive when what i've got is as good as gold if only gold were good enough to make us better neighbors, hello neighbor. how you doing? merry christmas, happy yule.

the greatest gift is to give
the greatest life is lived in gratitude
that's the attitude that transforms
makes bad into no more than a lesson learned
i've learned if i'm feeling knocked down and i just can't get up
i stay where the hurt is and i listen to what it has to say
and then i say thank you
thank you darkness
thank you work
thank you noise
it is all a gift but unlike toys instead of being distracted
i am actively living the lessons with joy in my heart

celebra, no tengas pena
aunque duela la vida es buena

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