by brokenMadison

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proof of concept. brokenMadison was a band and will be recording again with a slightly modified lineup for a release in 2012. hopefully before the end of the world.


released January 1, 2003

drums: kenny growhowksi
bass: chris foley
guitar: vanessa gallagher
vocals: giovanni almonte




Giovanni Almonte New York


giovanni - 1. a man. an artist, who loves, who hates. a poet, a preacher, brave and afraid, sometimes high sometimes low. 2. a brother, a cousin, a white-boy dominican that is neither white nor dominican. his own. ... more

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Track Name: hole
here comes the sad rag doll now
put together in bits and pieces
playing rock n' roll with barely
a soul and no good words left
what made me think i had a right
what made me think i had a fight
left in me when what i write
is worse than the shit on MTV

hole...follow me in my hole
Track Name: i want it
you've got the kind of skin i'd sin for
the kind of sex i'd give for should we make like friends
and make ammends
for all the quiet lies we'll pretend
to believe one another on the floor
piece by piece now
sweat like grease now
i'll get it right this time
i give now i want my own
i'll use these hands to make you writhe
oh my, oh...
my what have we here
give me one good reason
make me stay
make me right
but you're wrong
you've got no good reason
nothing's saved
in these lies

there is no peace in this thing i've driven
so deep it hurts in the name of this search
but i want this
how i want this...
and our chest have met for the hundreth time
not a part of you dry by the time i'm through
and you'll keep it like a prize...
Track Name: fate made you
fight and you'll find
what you've been searching for but it won't ease your mind
cus they've been lying to us all of this time
they keep us safe they keep us all in a line
they keep it vague
they make us blind
and now what...
you better like your gun
you better keep it warm
cus i know
in time
they're going to drop the bomb
and i'm going to watch it burn

buy what you can
in bits and pieces it'll make you a man
it'll give you reason
give you faith in the plan
to make us more or less the dominant clan
they've got no rights to make demands

and now what...
you better like your gun
you better keep it warm
cus i know
in time
they're going to drop the bomb
and i'm going to watch it burn

i want to turn on the tv and forget all my troubles
lets just stop trying and make it easy on our minds
they always win
we've got to survive at the cost
of other lives
it's been this way so long as i can remember
what's the alternative
and we need it
so we build it
at a cost
at a lost
to the underpaid
it's survival
we've got rivals
we've got needs
met by deeds we're not proud of
but live and yeah, we breed in
in a time when we're all but certain
of a future
that'll save us
from the hate and the pain that we're capable of

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